2021 Training Schedule

Please see the offered training to begin your CASA journey. Due to COVID every training is scheduled to be conducted via Zoom. When safety precautions allow there will be in-person training available in local counties.

New Advocate Training Schedule

Class Opens Online: January 21st
First Zoom Session: Thursday, January 28th
Final Zoom Session: Thursday, February 25th

Class Opens Online: March 23rd
First Zoom Session: Monday, March 29th
Final Zoom Session:
Monday, April 26th

Class Opens Online: June 8th
First Zoom Session: Tuesday, June 15th
Final Zoom Session: Tuesday, July 13th

Class Opens Online: August 19th
First Zoom Session: Thursday, August 26th
Final Zoom Session: Thursday, September 23rd

Class Opens Online: October 4th
First Zoom Session: Monday, October 11th
Final Zoom Session: Monday, November 8th

Final class of the year to be determined at a later date.

Online Class Information

You will be given a link to begin online class by the start date listed. You will work through the week 1 online course work (should take approximately 2-3 hours). Then attend the Zoom session for that week. For example if the class opens on Thursday, January 21st then you have the entire week to complete the coursework before the Week 1 online Zoom session on Thursday, January 28th. This pattern continues weekly for 5 weeks. Instructor is available via cell phone and email to answer any questions you have working through the course.