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We now offer new volunteer training online and in-person! Before you get to start advocating for kids in foster care you have to complete training. Our pre service training is 30 hours, over 5-8 weeks.

2022 Volunteer Training Schedule

Our tentative class start dates for 2022 :

January 25th

March 15th

April 27th

June 21st

August 23rd

October 11th

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Please call us at 479-880-1195 or email casa5thtrainer@suddenlink.com for further information or to answer your questions.


New advocates receive 30 hours of training covering all aspects of their volunteer role, the courts and understanding families. Advocates will also have 6 hours of court observation before swearing-in.

sharon dodge

I Am For The Child
Circumstances in life prevented me from being able to become a foster parent to give back to the system that saved my life. When I learned about the work CASA does I knew it was the perfect way to give back. Since I started over two years ago I’ve had the privilege of being the voice for six children so far. It’s the greatest feeling in the world to get to know your child, make a recommendation to the court to make life better for them, and then to hear the judge order it so. BAM! You just made life better for your child. You are their Superhero in real life.

Sharon Dodge
CASA Volunteer

 I Am for the Child


“I was blessed to have parents who were healthy, loving, disciplined and worked to give me what I needed; that included an education. Many children in our community are not so blessed and they need someone who thinks that they are important and worthy of love and respect. As a CASA I can provide a relationship that is child centered and can assist others in providing a healthy, disciplined, loving environment for his/her growth. I think that is very important.”

Augusta Greco
CASA Advocate